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FE Sales Presentation
​​How you proceed with the sales presentation will depend on how much was covered during the appointment setting phone call. If you had a detailed “in-depth” conversation that uncovered need, health issues, desired coverage amount and payment method, then the scope of your presentation will simply reiterate those points. If on the other hand you employed a “Set & Go” approach or door knocked the lead, the above parameters must be determined during your visit.

Make sure that you review the FE Appointment Manifesto.

Step 1 Introduction
Greet your client with a smile and a polite greeting. “Hi Mrs. James, I’m Bron from Family Life Insurance Group, If they are not directing you to a kitchen or dining room table ask that they do so. The execution of your presentation will be much more fluent at a dining table and chair versus a sofa and coffee table.

Step 2 Pre-Qualification
The pre-qualification phase will determine intent, why the client responded to the offer. How much coverage is affordable, any health issues, existing coverage and payment method.

Step 3 Health Assessment
Based on the client’s answer to health questions and a review of any prescribed medications, whether currently taken, discontinued by the client or by physician’s order.

Step 4 Carrier selection and cost (Close)
The health assessment will determine which carriers are available to a client. If our primary carrier offers a level product we’ll start by quoting their prices from $10,000 to $25,000 in $5,000 increments. We’ll deviate from our primary carrier if they don’t offer a level product given the client’s health, incompatible payment method, or there is a $5 plus difference in monthly premium. Once the carrier is determined, write down on a clean white sheet of paper in large legible text the prices for $10,000, $15,000, $20,000 and $25,000 as shown on the FLIG Calculator. It is a good Idea to have a pre-printed template of the above prices as headers so that the prices can be filled in below. Present these to the client and ask them which one meets their need and is the most affordable. Once they’ve given their answer circle the number and confirm that number will meet both their need and budget. Immediately pull out the appropriate application and begin to complete it by asking them their complete name and writing it on the application.

You haven’t asked for the sale, you’ve assumed it. And If the client has any objections they’ll raise them at this point of the sale process. The most common objections are affordability, funds availability, third party confirmation with a child or spouse or the client would just like time to think it over. Address objections, answer any questions and continue completing the application.

Step 5 Completing the FE application
As you progress through the application you’ll arrive at a section that will require the coverage amount and premium. At this point you’ll Introduce the “Accidental Death Benefit” (ADB) rider if offered by the carrier. In a sort of “by the way Mrs. Smith” tone, you’ll mention that the carrier offers an ADB rider that doubles the policy face amount from $XX,000 to $YY,000 in the case of accidental death and it’s just a small change that takes the total premium from $xx.xx to $yy.yy per month. Would you like to include this? If necessary, complete the point of sale interview.

Step 6 Closing the FE phase of the appointment
After completing the application and POS interview, review the face amount, monthly premium and draft date with the client ensuring that they understand when the first draft is to occur. Make sure your card is enclosed in the presentation folder or stapled onto the carrier brochure.

Step 7 Introducing cross-sell products
The perfect time to introduce your clients to other products in your portfolio is right after you’ve completed the final expense sale and the easiest cross selling opportunity in the final expense market place is a life insurance policy that will cover their grandchildren. Breakout the “HeadStart” flyer and show your clients the benefits and how inexpensive coverage for their grandchildren is.

Step 8 FLIG Rewards
After you’ve introduced the FLIG cross-sell products the client is aware of the scope of your product portfolio and you can ask them for the names and phone number of others that may benefit from them.