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​​FE Leads
Telemarketing leads will be more effective in high density areas that crowd more people into less space because of the DNC (Do Not Call) list. The DNC list reduces the number of prospects available to call by 70 to 80 percent. So of every 100 people that fit a particular demographic only 20 to 30 of them may be called. This is why telemarketing is just one part of a complete lead strategy and must be used in concert with direct mail, internet leads and other methods to reach the maximum number of potential buyers.

Telemarketing leads generally have one of three origins, domestic US based call centers using live person to person conversation, international call centers doing the same or international call centers using pre-recorded automated avatar responses to communicate with a client. The cost for these will range from $25 for US based call centers to $10 for avatar leads and direct contact international leads at $15. There is usually a direct correlation between cost and quality, so calibrate your expectations based on the cost of the lead type chosen. Spending the same amount on each of these telemarketing types can yield similar results because you will receive a higher volume of the less expensive lead and therefore have more sale opportunities.

The number of applications written should be 20% to 40% of the total number of leads received. Note that this is different than stating that you will close 20% to 40% of leads received. The former includes direct applications written on the initial lead, their spouse their grandchildren and referrals. With this perspective it is possible to close 1 of 10 leads but write 2 to 4 applications as a direct result of the lead. The actual result will depend on agent experience, product knowledge and agent technique. An agent following the proper FLIG technique will attempt to cross sell other products and will request referrals.

Working Telemarketing leads
Ordering TM Leads: The objective is to fill your lead order in the smallest geographic area possible. This will make you more efficient by minimizing the overall time spent driving to appointments and reducing your fuel cost. High density areas will allow you to order leads by zip codes rather than by entire counties or cities, thus minimizing the total area required to generate a given number of leads. When ordering leads by zip codes or counties make sure they are adjacent to each other if possible.

The single most important factor to achieve success with telemarketing leads is to contact the lead within 24 hours of receiving it. You should be able to completely resolve whether the lead is a viable buyer today within 48 hours. An attempt to contact the lead, without speaking directly with them does not meet the requirement. Speaking to someone other than the original person or leaving a message does not count. If you are unable to reach the client by phone then a visit will be necessary. Place a Delivery Notification sticker on unanswered doors. This will prompt the lead to call you.

​The point of step 2 is to convey that an attitude of urgency will increase your probability of initial success. An attitude of persistency will ensure it. Although the client has expressed an interest in hearing about a product today doesn’t mean they are ready to buy today. In any given month you should be closing sales from leads generated 1, 2, 3 and up to 6 months ago. Adding all of your telemarketing leads to a CRM (lead management software) will enable you to effectively work and close leads months after receiving them.

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